Berpantang dengan Fazrina Postnatal Care


Did i mention that i expecting a third child?
Nope? Na-da? hahhaha sorry about that.. looks like i have been ignoring my blog again.=p
This 3rd pregnancy was so different from the previous 2.. i do have to blog up the story later.

So cut the story short, on the second trimester of my pregnancy i was looking for 'mak bidan' as i am planning to berpantang at my own home for the first time. Reason being is simple, because abg Iman has school & final year assesment which mommy dont want him to missed any class. Plus, he's better be in school rather than at home playing games, watching utube right? Got to work those sel-sel berhubung usefull.

Pencarian mak bidan aka confirment lady (CL) pon bermula di Instagram (hehehe now days no more google to find thing. Guna hashtag# sahaja and you will find lots of things.) So i got to know few of confinement services and start doing TBE (Technical Bid Evaluation) , and it is to my suprize this confinement services is really a good business and super expensive!! Seriously some package offer like RM 10k..fuhh kalah hire maid!

After kaji punya ive made a booking with Fazrina Confinement Care.
Dealing with the owner, Pn Rina was so simple.. just clarified few things and then paid the booking fee. And then just wait for the day come...walaupon agak nervous sebab takut kena tipu kan.. just tawakal jer and pray for the best. So the day i went to the hospital lagi saya dah msg Pn Rina and inform her yg saya dah dihospital, i remind her and ask her to prepare the CL ready on the day i requested. Alhamdulillah, ive requested the CL to come the day after i discharged from hospital and Pn Rina manage to arranged it for me. If not, according to the terms for c-zer cases the CL will come 5-6 days after delivery. 

I took a full day package for 21 days.The package include all  the basic item with is berurut, tungku, sauna, mandian herba, lulur, pilis, masakkan menu berpantang.

Hari yang ditunggu-tunggu pon tiba.. menanti dengan penuh berdebar dan tak mandi pagi (sebab tahu ada mandi herba kan).  Nervous waiting because i was hopping to get a malay CL, tapi sedar diri jugak sebab kemungkinan besar jugak dapat indonesian. And yes, CL yang sampai is from Bandung, Indonesia named Tati. And to our suprise she speak English fluently kay.. 'Sir' aka Mr hubs terus la tanyer mana dia belajar english dgn penuh confident.. memang jarang nak jumpe indonesian who speaks. Rupanya she works in Hongkong (2yrs) then Singapore (2 yrs) baru la ke Msia... all works as bidan jugak since she used to study perbidanan dulu in Indonesia. So lega la skit dengar bile tahu dia experiences person.

Everyday kak Tati will reach my home around 9-9.30 am, sometimes awal and sometimes terlajak lewat.. semua tu bergantung pada trafic jugak. Sampai je she will prepare mandikan baby and also siap rebuskan mandian herba for mommy. Settle mandikan baby.. tungku & urut baby mommy la kena susukan baby and put him to sleep. Baby dah tidur la mommy mandi dengan aman.. time to time CL akan lulur or sauna, bergantung. Semua tu boleh dibawa berbincang dgn CL.. like my case for c-zer, sauna is recomended after 2 weeks. Luckly i've booked for 3 weeks sempat la gak nak merasa sauna bagai.. i missed my proper confinement on previous 2, just pantang makan jer.

Then kak Tati will prepare mommy meals for lunch.. basuhkan baju baby.. also do some basic  house keeping. Alhamdulillah kak Tati is really helpful and cheerful, Senang nak mintak tolong dia apa-apa specially bab kemas rumah. Sambil dia kemas tu kekadang mulut pok-pek2 la - menyanyi la.. hahahahah like she said, org berpantang ni kena happy-happy xleh murung. It is true actually, walaupon this is my third child and 1st time pantang dirumah sendiri.. but ive felt kemurungan tu masa my 1st confinement, memang rasa... xbest la pendek kata. But i used to hiburkan hati with shopping online sebab time tu bergaji seronok la shopping.. hahahaha. 

Ops, back to the story... so once kak tati settle masak, basuh, kemas semua... Time mommy la dimanjakan.. berurut & tungku time! =) Masa yang dinantikan on semua mommy rasanya tuk berurut dah ber-relex..betol tak mommies out there?
Bile lagi la nak berehat, diurut-urut dari kaki ke kepala. Dipicit supaya urat tenang - HEAVEN!
Hahahaha - Ellooo its confirm abis confinement ni mommies out there specially WAHM will be working non stop yer. Dari buka mata smpi la tutup mata- Gurl power!

Normally urut & tungku will be done latest by 1 pm. Lepas urut tu its lunch time.. mmg perut lapor lepas kena urut.. haha. Perut dah kenyang apa lagi tdo time laaa .. to recover those sleepless night. hahaha
And by 3 pm.. kak tati will prepare mandi baby and also rebus air herba lg sekali for mommy.
By 4 pm.. the driver will pick her up. Same rutin for tomorrow.

NI la dia kak Tati! Masa ni she help to carry Baby FI to the clinic.
(Ignore my pale face)

Kak Tati in action cleaning up while mommy on lappy.. cuci mata at lazada. =p

Random pic of my menu pantang..

Baby FI kena urut & tungku..
Tips for hiring CL:

1. What ever you want CL to do just ASK!.. seriously ask directly to the CL, do not complain to the bos.. she wont know. Only CL knows what we need. Specially those CL yang jenis xbanyak cakap. 
Specially bab masakkan.. cleaning up the fish, chicken -of cause la nak proper clean kan. Masin.. manis.. all we have to speak out. Dont just complain to the bos.. sometimes its kesian and unfair to the CL. 
2. Ensure the cost of travelling in included ..specially those yang travelling daily (not stay in). Some company does not include it.. so its gonna be additional charges. Beware!


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