Faiq Iman is Five!


Sending Iman to school this morning and saw a few new student crying as when their parents left them to the teacher.. and saw my lil boy.. walk in the school, salam their teacher at the gate... waving me good bye - its a sign he is in good condition... when thought his eyes is looking on other student who cried with a blur face, or maybe memories to him too when he was at their place last year. hahahahha

i don't really have the chance to write about iman 1st year at school.. But the memories still in my mind. So today i decided to write all about it.. and hopefully one day, if any chances he reads this..Im Sorry Iman.. Mommy loved u so much! =p

Well iman start school in Dec 2016 as his orientation for 2 weeks.
During that time mommy have no problem at all sending him to school.. as he is like really looking forward for it. I guess that because I've been telling him about school since june, so he kindda accepted in his head. (Tips mommy - do tell ur kids in advance so that they are ready. In every thing you plan do to.. including travelling/ go holiday. I've learn this from my sis in law, she said that the spirit of our kids will be ready and that is why my kids seldom get sick/moody during the travelling)

And the real drama start in Jan.. hahaha after a long holiday he start to be comfortable.
The drama will start early in the morning..well waking him up, taking him to shower all full of drama.. i still remember he said something sweet to me while combing his hair - "Mommy, cantik la mommy arini".

Tersipu-sipu la mommy... but sorry Iman, it won't stop me sending you to school. hahahahahaha
Well the moment we are about to go out to the main door...another main drama start.
Let me show u in pic.. 

The very 1st day of school.. he is so ready for it. No problem at all sending him, just that after left him at school he started to cried as he felt he been left. (Oh.. darling mommy miss the details saying I'm gonna leave you in school) =p

2nd day... The moment he saw his school... mengamuk xnak keluar kereta. =D

Day 3 .. He refuse to wear uniform and show his face. I think he fell shy with all the crying drama in school.

Day 4 ... He still refuse to see. So mommy make a mask from un-use cloth but still it a see thru fabric. 

Day 5.. He can see now, but refused to show his nose! hahahahahah
Sooo much of idea la Iman.

Well, the drama only during sending him to school..Mommy have to import mamatok & ayahtok to look at Thia since the big brother need lots of attention in the morning.

But anyhow.. once the school started the teacher said no problem at all. He even talk a lot at school and interact well with the teacher & friends.

Any this year.. he's five! soon mommy has to register you for primary school.
Gosh im gonna be missing you being so checky!


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